At Uplift Fitness Studio we are passionate about empowering women to be strong, healthy, and happy. We strive to make a difference in their lives by creating an environment that allows our members to obtain their fitness goals, and enjoy their experience in comfort and safety. 

who we are

we believe in a unique and customized fitness experience for each and every student!


Uplift sunless glow

Uplift Fitness Studio is a locally owned studio providing a variety of group fitness classes including Zumba, Barre, Cardio Barre,

Strength & Toning, Yoga, and Cardio Fit.
We offer a wide selection of class times to fit your busy schedule. 

Cheerful Membership 
5 classes to any of our group fitness classes for $40 a month.
Enthusiastic Membership 
10 classes to any of our group fitness classes for $65 a month.
Passionate Membership
Unlimited classes to any of our group fitness classes for $80 a month. 

"Love this place for so many reasons. The instructors are amazing and so helpful when it comes to body position, modifying and positive reinforcement! The people that come here are so friendly and all there for the same reason, to feel good and look good! The owner knows her stuff and doesn't mess around, which I count on every time I go! I look forward to each class  <3"

          -- M. Stoeffler

"I started classes here less than 2 weeks ago and I instantly felt at home and look forward to my journey with Katie & her team. I leave each class feeling so much better-the perfect workout!!"

          -- K. Rosengreen

our approach

our Members SPEAK

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